Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the best theme parks in Singapore and an exciting experience for you and your family.

There is information on opening times, Universal Studios Singapore tickets, and special events for a satisfying visit.

To avoid standing in line, make sure to reserve your tickets online. Here are some tips to make the most of your visit.

Become familiar with the layout of Universal Studios Singapore

About 25 football fields’ worth of space makes up Universal Studio Singapore.

Although it doesn’t appear very big, it is loaded with attractions. 

With the help of our tips for visiting Universal Studios Singapore below, you may locate Universal Studios Singapore’s location and learn everything about it.

What’s open and what to anticipate

There are a lot of developments happening at Universal Studios Singapore as of writing. 

The Madagascar-themed area has been closed while it is being converted into Minion Land.

This also applies to the Shrek treehouse photo location, formerly in Madagascar. 

Some of the events and performances in the area of Universal Studios Singapore appear to have suffered due to the pandemic. 

The Super Nintendo World area will also be added to the park by 2025.

Make sure to check the rides, shops, restaurants and attractions that are closed for maintenance or other reasons on the official website before your visit.

Pick Your Rides Ahead of Time

Pick Your Rides Ahead of Time
Image: Wikimedia.org

The next one of the tips for visiting Universal Studios Singapore is quite important.

Choose which rides at Universal Studios Singapore are a must for you. 

Doing this allows you to go straight to the rides on your “to-do list” and take care of them first. 

This is a better approach than attempting to ride each ride in the park one at a time, which may be time and energy consuming.

This also helps you stick to the itinerary better.

Visit During the Week, Ideally Not During the Holidays

Weekends at Universal Studios Singapore are extremely busy. 

When talking about Universal Studios tips and tricks, this is an important point to be aware of.

The length of a line may go up to 60 minutes or more.

Visit the park on a weekday if you want to avoid the crowds. 

Weekdays are better because there are fewer lines and fewer people to bump into as you walk through the park.

Visiting on a weekday that is not one of Singapore’s school holidays is even better. 

The park’s busiest times are around school breaks, which may get very crowded quickly. 

Be mentally ready for crowds if you intend to travel during the Singapore school holidays.

Purchase Tickets Online

Another one of the crucial tips for visiting Universal Studios Singapore pertains to the tickets.

Purchasing your Universal Studio Singapore tickets online is more convenient than ever. 

For individuals who hold a Mastercard or Maybank card, frequent online incentives can help them save a little money.

Tickets for Universal Studios Singapore are available here.

For Busy Days, take the Universal Express (Such as Weekends and School Holidays)

the Universal Express
Image: Dejiki.com

When talking about Universal Studios Singapore tips, it is necessary to mention the Universal Express.

The “quick pass” system at Universal Studios Singapore is called the Universal Express. 

It would be best if you bought it in addition to your admission ticket to the park.

Holders of Universal Express at Universal Studios Singapore are permitted to use a distinct, faster line than the standard standby lines. 

You can move to the front of the line and avoid the long lines by doing this.

Universal Express lines are available for most rides at Universal Studios Singapore. 

The Treasure Hunters and Canopy Flyer rides stand out as two examples.

You can save time and effort by using the Universal Express instead of standing in line for the attractions.

Get there early to avoid crowds

You can choose your favorite rides before the lines form if you get to Universal Studios Singapore’s gates early.

It is recommended to reach 30 minutes before the gates open.

Using shortcuts and first-ride advice

Here are some ideas to help you choose which rides to attempt first.

  • For parents of small children: Treasure Hunters.

    This ride’s line can grow lengthy because it is very popular with little children. Moreover, Treasure Hunters does not have a Universal Express line. 

    Therefore, you will still need to stand in line even if you would have given extra cash.

    We advise riding this ride first, assuming you come early before the line gets lengthy.
  • Canopy Flyer or TRANSFORMERS are for senior riders.

    Suggesting Canopy Flyer and TRANSFORMERS as a first ride may seem odd. 

    Most people would go directly to Revenge of the Mummy, Cylon, or Human

    There is nothing wrong with that, so do it if you want to make your heart race.
  • Canopy Flyer is a good option for individuals with a Universal Express because it does not have a Universal Express lane. 

    This implies that there might be a long line for the ride, which is the park’s shortest at only 53 seconds. 

    You should, therefore, do The Canopy Flyer first if you are early. You can then use your Universal Express at the other rides after that.
  • Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle is an excellent place to start if you don’t have a Universal Express, and you can move on from there. 
  • There is a “shortcut” that you can use to get to these rides. Most visitors who arrive at Universal Studios Singapore will turn right and end up in New York

    Since it is the first attraction, many people will line up when they see the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride in New York.

    To reach the themed regions on the opposite side of the lake, it is feasible to skip these zones. 

    This enables you to access the rides while everyone else is still moving through New York, including Revenge of the Mummy, Human, Cylon, TRANSFORMERS, and Treasure Hunters for young children.
  • Take the path between Mel’s Drive-In and the lake, continue beyond the harbor, and you will arrive at Sci-Fi City.

    Here the Battlestar Galactica and TRANSFORMERS roller coasters are located. 
  • A bridge passes beneath the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster and leads to the Ancient Egypt area if you want to visit it.

    You can enjoy this area set in a 1920s Egypt theme featuring contemporary replicas, rides, restaurants and much more.

Photographic Location for Treasure Hunters

An excellent photo opportunity is available behind Treasure Hunters’ entrance, close to the lake if you wish to capture your friends or family enjoying the ride in a beautiful picture. 

Find the obelisk, go there and wait for them to pass by so you may take their picture.

Meet and Greets

The opportunity to interact with numerous characters is a big part of the excitement of a day at Universal Studios Singapore. 

Meet and greets with Blue the velociraptor and the Transformers, who occasionally make amusing and sarcastic comments, are among the most enjoyable experiences.

For more information about the timing, check in the park.

Two “Hidden” Attractions

This is one of the tips for visiting Universal Studios Singapore that usually goes understated.

Visitors frequently miss two attractions of Universal Studios Singapore.

There is a little Ferris wheel ride called Fairy Godmother Magic Potion Spin within the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop in the Far Far Away area that is appropriate for very young children. 

You can access the ride through the Potion Shop’s main entrance, watch the Shrek 4D show and then end up there.

When we went to the park last time, we were pleased to see that the Fairy Godmother Magic Potion Spin was still active.

In the back of the property at The Lost World is a rock-climbing attraction. 

Easy, Medium and Difficult are the three levels of the Amber Rock Climb

If you aren’t too busy trying to keep on the wall, you can also take in the fossils embedded in the rock face as you climb.

Restaurants Near Singapore’s Universal Studios

Restaurants Near Singapore’s Universal Studios
Image: Goodlife studio/Getty

There are many dining options at Universal Studios Singapore

The Discovery Food Court in The Lost World area is our favorite, but it is presently closed. 

KT’s Grill in the New York section of the Park is another less well-known dining option. 

It is slightly more expensive and typically offers a full menu. 

When we last went to the park, it just had a special menu. 

It’s a fun fact that Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, the chairman of the Genting Group, is honored in the name of KT’s Grill.

Go to Mel’s Drive-In in the Hollywood zone and Goldilocks Fried Chicken in Far Far Away for halal food in Universal Studios Singapore. 

You may also find Starbucks with various bagels, coffees, pitas, and other light fares in the menu.

Ponchos For Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

When looking for tips to visit Universal Studios Singapore, this is a key one.

A fun water attraction that transports you deep into the heart of dinosaur land is called Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

But be forewarned—you will undoubtedly get wet. 

You are welcome to bring your ponchos to use on the ride if you intend to ride it.

If you didn’t bring a poncho and got wet, there are also drying stations outside the rides. 

The drying pods can be used for a fee.

Lockers for Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica

The Battlestar Galactica roller coaster and Revenge of the Mummy do not permit loose goods. 

Before boarding the rides, you can store your bags and other loose items in the lockers that are accessible adjacent to them. 

These lockers are free to use for a brief time. 15.

Photo Locations You May Have Missed

Another one of the seldom-mentioned tips for Universal Studios is about the great photo locations that you might miss.

Numerous photo opportunities may be found across Universal Studios Singapore. 

The Transformers at Sci-Fi Land is among the most well-liked. There are two, though, that you might pass on. 

Young children may find the first to be more appealing. 

It depicts a young dinosaur emerging from an egg at The Lost World‘s back. 

The second photo opportunity is of How to Train Your Dragon character Toothless, which you could overlook. 

The Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop has the statue inside.

Spot Information at Enchanted Airways

Enchanted Airways
Image : Digical/Getty

The family roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore is called Enchanted Airways. 

Join Dragon on the ride and zoom along the rails. 

While doing so, try to spot Puss in Boots, the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Grandma, and the three pigs’ handymen who are “hard” at work.

Spot information in New York

The New York zone’s streets are too frequently traversed by people who fail to notice the small features. 

Be careful to look inside the storefront windows as you pass through the New York neighborhood. 

The displays enhance the theme of the themed zone and many exciting elements.

You’ll notice that the storefront names have a regional feel to them. 

These are the names of those who contributed to the creation of Universal Studios Singapore.

The New York Public Library façade at Universal Studio Singapore is the only 3D-built façade in Universal Studios theme parks worldwide. 

Only a 2D version of the library is present in the other parks. 

You can ascend the stairs and sneak a peek behind the columns. The doors to the library can’t be opened, though. We tried.

Additionally, New York’s dock area is ideal for Instagram-worthy photographs.

Prepare for Heat

Singapore is a hot, muggy place. It is hot and muggy standing in line outside at Universal Studios Singapore. 

One of the most offered advices for Universal Studios Singapore is choosing weather-appropriate, comfortable clothing. 

At Universal Studio Singapore, you can wear dresses as well as jeans. 

Personally, we’d advise against it and suggest shorts and T-shirts. 

Also, if you can, bring a fan. Ideally, one that runs on batteries to keep you comfortable as you wait in line.

Services Available at Universal Studios Singapore

Services Available
Image: Aydinynr / Getty

To the left of the Universal Studios Singapore entrance is the main Guest Services area. 

The Beverly Hill Garage, a place where you may reserve wheelchairs and strollers, the first aid station, and storage lockers are all on the right.

Along with the stroller rental location, restrooms are also nearby.

Two nursing cubicles, a microwave, a water dispenser, and even dispensers for extra diapers in case of emergency are all available at the Baby Center. 

After entering the park, turn left to find the Baby Center. 

Additionally, there are diaper changing stations in the restrooms located near the parks.

Inside Universal Studios Singapore, there is a prayer space for Muslim tourists. 

It is close to the lockers for Battlestar Galactica

The prayer rooms are in a separate building past the lockers. 

There are separate rooms for men and women, and the rooms are air-conditioned.

Book your tickets for Universal Studios Singapore.

How to save money in Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore can be a costly visit.

To stick to your budget and enjoy cost-efficiently, you can take a few steps to help avoid extra expenditure.

You can bring your drinks to the park, purchase online tickets and bring items like ponchos, sunscreen and other necessary things instead of buying them at the park.

What should I not miss at Universal Studios Singapore?

The double roller coaster Battlestar Galactica: Cylon vs Human, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and the WaterWorld show are some can’t-miss attractions at the park.

Featured Image: Rwsentosa.com

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