Shows at Universal Studios Singapore

In addition to the rides, you can enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore shows and entertainment. The shows at Universal Studios include skits, dance, music, singing and much more.

Appreciate the shows in Universal Studios Singapore and use them to cool down, relax and re-energize yourself between rides and attractions.

Mel’s Mixtape

This is a rocking performance by the Universal Singapore singers and artists that makes everyone listening break out in a dance.

Enjoy this outdoor, high-energy entertainment as the mixtape covers many classic and popular songs.

This is one of the most exciting Universal Studios Singapore shows and entertainment is guaranteed.

The singers put their own spin on some of these chartbusters, leading to a melodious mix of the old and new, mesmerizing the audience.

Zone– Hollywood

Attraction Type – Street entertainment

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

Watch as renowned Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg displays his filmmaking prowess. 

Be amazed by amazing special effects. 

Make a soundstage that is vacant the scene of a cyclone that is ready to smash New York City. 

Watch as a peaceful day changes before your eyes as breezes from the sea wash in and blow debris in your direction.

Zone – New York

Attraction Type – Indoor, movie special effects show

Height restrictions – A supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm


Waterworld Singapore
Image: Wikimedia.org

Want to know how those amazing film effects in your favorite Hollywood action blockbusters are made? 

Take advantage of this fantastic live water show this spectacular, which is based on the hit movie “Waterworld.”

This is one of the most action-packed shows at Universal Studios Singapore.

It features a slew of life-threatening stunts as well as thrills and spills from actual fire and water explosions.

Zone – The Lost World

Attraction Type – Sheltered, Live action stunt spectacular

Gingy’s Sweet Meet & Greet

Pastry Pat, a world famous baker, comes to Far Far Away to set up a new bakery. There is a catch, though. Gingy, the helper is missing. Pat needs your help to find his helper.

This interactive, entertaining meet & greet takes the viewers on a journey and ends with jubilation with the search of Gingy leading to a successful opening of the bakery.

Zone – Far Far Away

Attraction – Meet & Greet, Outdoor

Shrek 4-D  Adventure

As you embark on this 4D fairy-tale honeymoon adventure with Shrek and his buddies, get ready to go beyond the typical 3D movie experience. 

You’ll truly FEEL the action from your seat, thanks to the magic of OrgeVision, making it one of the best Universal Studios Singapore Shrek shows.

It will make you feel every jump, bump, bounce, air blast, and water spray feel as real to you as if you were actually there.

Zone – Far Far Away

Attraction Type – Indoor, 4-D film experience

Height restrictions – A supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm

Note:- The Universal Studios Singapore show schedule changes frequently. You can find out the exact timings in the park.

You don’t have to worry about the Universal Studios Singapore show time, as even if you miss one, multiple shows take place in a day.

The Dance for the Magic Beans

Hello, Friends! Get your cameras, swords, and cavalier hats ready to greet our dashing hero, Puss in Boots, Shrek’s loyal sidekick, and Kitty Softpaws at the Milk Bar.

In Universal Studios Singapore, Far Far Away is a heavily fun-filled zone in terms of shows and entertainment and The Dance for the Magic Beans is no exception.

Pose for the camera with Puss and Kitty, the two feline Shrek stars, and bring home pictures for the family album for “paws” territory.

Zone – Far Far Away

Donkey Live

Donkey Live
Image: Twitter.com/ShrekHistory

Join Donkey, Shrek’s jovial, flitting, fairy-tale companion, in his brand-new, original, interactive entertainment experience. 

Enjoy this quick-witted character’s company in a cozy theatre atmosphere where you can converse with Donkey on your own terms. 

You can also sing along to the songs presented.

Zone – Far Far Away

Attraction type – Indoor, live interactive show

Rhythm Truck

Get moving to the beats of New York with the Rhythm Truck.
Percussion, breakdancing and music highlight this show as the performers entertain the guests with energetic dance sets.

This show also features pro-drummers. The rhythm truck distributes good vibrations across the park as the crew showcases their skills.

Zone – New York

Attraction Type – Outdoor, dance show


What kind of shows are at Universal Studios?

Universal Studios Singapore shows and entertainment consist of Live-action/3D shows, dance and music performances, singing and special effect shows.

There are multiple shows in various zones of the park.

Does Universal have any night shows?

Universal generally operates during the day with a few occasional night shows.

Universal Singapore, in particular, operates from 11 am to 6 pm as of writing, but there are certain times in the year when it remains open at night.

During those times, there are night shows at Universal Studios Singapore.

The Universal Studios Singapore shows and entertainment in the night include Rhythm Truck, Hollywood Dreams Light-up Parade, dance performances and pop-up stalls.

Featured Image: Rwsentosa.com

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