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The shows at Universal Studios Singapore are cherries on top of the already unmissable and unforgettable experience at the theme park.

Universal Studios Singapore’s shows help you cool down, relax and re-energize yourself between rides and attractions, as all the walking wears you out.

Universal Studios Singapore offers a range of exemplary and magnificent indoor, outdoor, and sheltered shows where various film and TV characters weave their magic.

Guests can expect skits, dance, music, singing and much more at the shows and prepare for a wonderful time with their family and friends.

Here is a list of the shows at Universal Studios Singapore that all guests must explore during their visit to make their trip even more memorable. 

Mel’s Mixtape

This rocking performance by the Universal Singapore singers and artists makes everyone listening break out in a dance.

Enjoy this outdoor, high-energy entertainment as the mixtape covers many classic and popular songs, presented with a modern twist.

This is one of the most exciting Universal Studios Singapore shows; entertainment is guaranteed.

The singers put their own spin on some of these chartbusters, leading to a harmonious mix of the old and new, mesmerizing the audience.

Zone: Hollywood
Attraction Type: Street entertainment

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

Watch as renowned Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg displays his filmmaking prowess and lets the fantastic special effects bedazzle you. 

Witness the soundstage get ablaze by a tyrannical storm about to hit New York City.

Watch as a peaceful day changes before your eyes as breezes from the sea wash in, blow debris in your direction, and let the magic of special effects engulf you.

  • Zone: New York
  • Attraction Type: Indoor, movie special effects show
  • Height Restrictions: a supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm


Waterworld Singapore
Image: Wikimedia.org

Want to know how those fantastic film effects in your favorite Hollywood action blockbusters are made? 

Take advantage of this fantastic live water show this spectacular, which is based on the hit movie “Waterworld.”

One of the most action-packed shows at Universal Studios Singapore, it features a slew of life-threatening stunts, including thrills and spills from actual fire and water explosions.

  • Zone: The Lost World
  • Attraction Type: Sheltered, Live action stunt spectacular

Shrek 4-D  Adventure

Embark on a 4D fairy-tale honeymoon adventure with Shrek and his buddies, and get ready to go beyond the typical 3D movie experience. 

The magic of OrgeVisionmakes you FEEL the action from your seat, making it one of the best Universal Studios Singapore Shrek shows.

Experience love the Shrek-way, as the high-tech methods make you feel every jump, bump, bounce, air blast, and water spray feel like you’re a part of the journey.

  • Zone: Far Far Away
  • Attraction Type: Indoor, 4-D film experience
  • Height restrictions: A supervising adult must accompany children under 122 cm

The Dance for the Magic Beans

Hello Friends! Prepare your cameras, swords, and cavalier hats and greet the dashing hero, Puss in Boots, Shrek’s loyal sidekick, and Kitty Softpaws at the Milk Bar.

Far Far Away is a heavily fun-filled zone in terms of shows and entertainment, and The Dance for the Magic Beans is no exception.

Pose for the camera with Puss and Kitty, the two feline Shrek stars, and bring home pictures for the family album for “paws”territory.

  • Zone: Far Far Away
  • Attraction Type: outdoor show and entertainment

Donkey Live

Donkey Live
Image: Twitter.com/ShrekHistory

Join Donkey, Shrek’s jovial, flitting, fairy-tale companion, in his brand-new, original, interactive entertainment experience. 

Enjoy this quick-witted character’s company in a cozy theatre atmosphere where you can converse with Donkey on your own terms. 

You can also sing along to the songs presented.

  • Zone: Far Far Away
  • Attraction Type: Live indoor interactive show

Please note that this show is temporarily unavailable from 2 to 29 September 2024.

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Madagascar’s Conga in the Concrete Jungle!

Join the cutest wild entourage as King Julien and his bandwagon prepare for a hip-shaking party on New York Street.

Watch them groove as they attempt to prepare the longest conga line possible, with help from all the groovy passengers around the street.

Zone: New York

Attraction Type: Outdoor show and entertainment

Sesame Street goes Bollywood

Watch the Sesame Street characters embrace the outfits, rhythms, and beats of Bollywood as they make their historic debut on 1 May.

Watch Bert turn “Hero” as he showcases his slick action moves, and Ernie presents comical antics as his “sidekick.”

Last, but not least, watch Elmo in his prince avatar and prepare for a one-of-a-kind Bollywood bonanza.

  • Zone: Ancient Egypt
  • Attraction Type: Outdoor street entertainment

Trolls Hug Time Jubilee

Prepare yourself for the biggest and the most entertaining hug-fest ever as Dreamworks’ Trolls set out to create an exciting and glitter-ific show!

Help Queen Poppy and Branch find the perfect singing sensation and celebrate with the Trolls as they embark on their first Hug Time Jubilee!

This unique, entertaining and engaging show will keep you hooked throughout the performance and is a must-see in Universal Studios Singapore.

  • Zone: Hollywood 
  • Attraction Type: Outdoor Theatre Show

Universal Star Power Parade

Get ready to witness the most energizing and mesmerizing parade out there at the Universal Star Power Parade.

This star-studded parade is organized each Sunday a little before the park’s closing time, and visitors can spot their favorite characters here.

From Optimus Prime to Baby T. Rex, from Minions to the Sesame Street gang, wave at your favorite characters and witness a show like no other as they sing, dance, and groove!

  • Timing: Every Sunday Evening
  • Attraction Type: Outdoor Street entertainment


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