Universal Studios Singapore Rides

All ages will have a great time at Universal Studios Singapore

It has a variety of rides and attractions, including terrifying and kid-friendly roller coasters.

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN

For fans of roller coasters, Battlestar Galactica is a must-see and should not be missed. 

Two sets of coasters make up this dueling cruiser, one of the best rides in Universal Studios Singapore.

One set, which represents the Humans, is red and seated, while the other, which represents the Cylon side, is blue and inverted. 

If being entirely inverted is not something you are too enthusiastic about, remain on the Human side.

The Human coaster does not have inversions.

But it keeps the joy and adrenaline alive by squeezing a decent quantity of gut-churning drops, narrow curves and speed.

Zone– Sci-fi City

Type– Roller coaster

Battlestar Galactica: CYLON

Battlestar Galactica is a high-speed, chaotic dueling coaster featuring numerous, quaking inversions on the Cylon side. 

If you love roller coasters, you simply cannot miss this ride, which is one of the guests’ favorites. One of its most appealing aspects is a drop straight down through a thick mist.

Battlestar Galactica is actually two rides at Universal Studios Singapore combined, therefore it’s best to start your day early to avoid excessive lines.   

You must leave everything you are carrying behind before boarding in a nearby locker, which is free for the first 45 minutes.

Zone– Sci-fi City

Type– Roller coaster

Transformers: The Ride

Fans of Transformers will love this indoor, 3D experience from Universal Studios Singapore. 

Don your 3D glasses, and you’ll be transported into the epic conflict between the dark forces and OPTIMUS PRIME’s world of AUTOBOTS and OPTIMUS PRIME.

As you rush through the streets like they were taken straight out of your favorite Transformers movie, you get on a cart and go to work. 

However, this Transformer ride in Universal Studios Singapore will undoubtedly make you feel terrible if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

Early in the day, this is one of the busiest rides. 

Therefore, arriving here in the afternoon is preferable if you want to reduce wait times.

Zone– Sci-fi City

Type– 3D Ride

Revenge of the Mummy

This is one of the more scary rides at Universal Studio Singapore. The ride places you in the middle of a bloody battle in a Revenge of the Mummy-themed environment.

This Mummy ride in Universal Studios Singapore is an indoor, high-speed roller coaster.

Without the 3D glasses, you sit in a jeep and drive through the arid pathways of an Egyptian tomb in search of The Book of the Living.

Along the way, there will be some dramatic moments before you finally descend into total darkness on a thrilling roller coaster. 

This is one of the fantasy-filled Universal Studios Singapore rides and is a good combination of a rollercoaster, a terrifying haunted house experience and an ancient battle complete with swarms of beetles, mummy armies, and gigantic fireballs.

Zone– Ancient Egypt

Type– Indoor Roller Coaster

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Out of all rides at Universal Studios Singapore, this one is unique. This Jurassic park ride in Universal Studios Singapore is the only water ride while other rides are land-based.

Prepare yourself for a splash in this Jurassic Park-themed white-water rafting adventure at Universal Studios Singapore. 

The experience has a terrifying waterfall plunge surrounded by cutting-edge animatronics that almost makes the prehistoric creatures running free here come to life.

You will be flung around in splashing river rapids while seated in a circular raft, becoming very wet. 

If you don’t have a waterproof bag to keep your things dry, you can store them in the neighboring lockers.

While visiting Universal Studios, it’s a good idea to wear quick-drying attire. If not, you can use the drying pods for $5 instead.

Zone– The Lost World

Type– Water Ride


If you want to enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore rides, don’t miss this indoor stunt show, which can be seen in a superbly designed venue.

The theme is inspired by the famous Hollywood blockbuster movie Waterworld. 

It has terrifying stunts involving fire and water explosions, multiple abrupt falls nearly three stories high, intense combat scenes, and more.

This breathtaking, action-packed live water show typically has many shows in the afternoon. 

You may watch any of them since they are all worth your time. 

Grab a map at the ticket counter to learn the daily schedule as you enter the park.

Zone– The Lost World

Type– Live Action show

Shrek 4-D Adventure

Enter the Far Far Away Castle to plunge into a realm straight from a fairy tale. 

You can embark on an adventure with Shrek, Princess Fiona, and the Donkey. 

You start your trip with the protagonists in the 4-D theatre, just where the movie left off.

Put on your 3D OgreVision glasses and relax as you are carried away on your honeymoon experience, complete with action scenes that bounce and bump and spray air and water.

You shouldn’t pass up this Shrek ride in Universal Studios Singapore if you have back problems or have a pregnant friend or family member among you. 

Simply choose stationary chairs, and you’re good to go.

Zone– Far Far Away

Type– 4D Film experience

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

You join Elmo and Super Grover 2.0 in one of the most famous kid-friendly Universal Studios Singapore rides.

They heroically pursue the villain Macaroni the Merciless, who will steal all the spaghetti from Earth.

The Sesame Street heroes track down the interplanetary bad guy and his crew of minions and bring back all the stolen spaghetti to Earth. 

Families may enjoy this high-flying space adventure attraction together.

This ride at Universal Studios Singapore is unquestionably worthwhile.

You get to relax in the air-conditioned surroundings after exhausting yourself on the outside coasters. 

This ride’s line is frequently relatively short.

Zone– New York

Type– Movie special effects show

Lights! Camera! Action!

On a tranquil and peaceful day, observe a Spielberg-level movie special effects presentation while standing in an inside boathouse near the harbor. 

Then, as a Category 5 hurricane approaches New York City, the situation worsens.

As the storm approaches, observe the sky turning dark and the breeze becoming frigid.

Through the power of film, a barren staging is instantly transformed into a visual spectacular. 

Watch as a cargo ship and other wrecks are pushed uncannily near the small boathouse you are stuck in by solid gusts blowing in from the sea.

But as chaos breaks out, peace sets in, and the wrecked boathouse is soon rebuilt.

Zone– New York

Type– Indoor special effects show

Canopy Flyer

This outdoor aerial ride, which is a bit kinder, takes you over the decorated forested regions and gives you a bird’s eye perspective of Jurassic Park. 

Experience the ancient world from the comfort of your dinosaur-proof flying capsule.

Although the ride is fast-moving and has dangling seats below the track, it is not terrifying like some other roller coasters. 

This family-friendly attraction frequently has huge lines, and the wait time could be long.

Zone– The Lost World

Type– Mini steel suspended roller coaster

Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey

This outdoor family roller coaster offers anti-gravity experiences due to its extreme height and location on a massive beanstalk.

Although precisely, the Universal Studios Singapore Ride follows the Grimm Brothers’ classic tale. 

You are raised with a spiral lift mechanism operating at a slow to moderate speed. 

Then, from your vantage point, you accompany Puss and Kitty as they set out on their quest for the priceless golden eggs.

Like in any drama, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way, particularly the fabled Great Terror, who will do all it takes to foil your plans for poaching.

Zone– Far Far Away

Type– Steel suspended family roller coaster


Although the crazily spinning teacups may send you spinning, they are not the most popular of the Universal Studios Singapore rides.

Despite being enclosed, the ride is outside and has an extraterrestrial vibe.

The cup and saucer ride will test your interplanetary endurance. 

However, it has a height restriction, so kids under 122 cm must go with an adult caregiver. 

They also forbid anyone from riding this rollercoaster while holding a baby in their arms for safety reasons.

Zone– Sci-fi City

Type– Teacups

Treasure Hunters

In this Egyptian ride at Universal Studios Singapore, you can climb into a jeep, don your adventure hat, and explore the ancient Egyptian desert in search of buried wealth. 

The experience is created to resemble the real thing as closely as possible, using animatronics.

You will be traveling in your vintage vehicle—an open-air vehicle designed to have a vintage appearance.

The route is along the arid paths of an excavation site, which accurately represents a world just waiting to be discovered and you, the intrepid explorer, looking for hidden treasures.

You are given a steering wheel that can only be turned 10 to 15 degrees in either direction, and you can drive along a motorized track.

Zone– The Ancient Egypt

Type– Mini-car ride

Dino Soarin

Children can enjoy flying their very own Pteranodon dinosaurs on an outdoor, seated, spinning ride. 

Sit on the back of this flying beast and savor the rush as they soar through the air and dive headfirst into the night.

Given that they match the minimum height requirements, very small children can enjoy this dinosaur ride. Universal Studios Singapore Ride makes the park fun for the entire family. 

Despite this, adults can enjoy the trip, especially with the “to Fly Press and Hold” button that causes your pterodactyl to wobble upward.

Zone– The Lost World

Type– Fly-around ride

Amber Rock Climb

This enjoyable outdoor experience at Universal Studios Singapore will test your stamina and climbing prowess.

The wall is around six levels high. Therefore, it’s not for faint-hearted people or anyone terrified of heights. 

Despite how easy it may seem, the difficult climb gradually becomes a test of endurance as you ascend. 

You are provided with a harness, but all you need to use to climb the wall are the surface cracks.

Even more! A hidden treasure is there for you if you have the agility to climb to the top.

Zone– The Lost World

Type– Rock Climb/Skill Challenge

Magic Potion Spin

As you proceed down the lane in Far, Far Away, you will come across this magic potion Ferris wheel. 

Large seething vats spinning and churning forth The Fairy Godmother’s magnificent elixirs make her magic potion shop an instant draw.

The small wheel provides children with a ride they won’t soon forget.

You are pretending to be the contents of the vats amid all the sorcery and competing with the clinking and clanking of a fantasy workshop in full motion.

For this indoor ride, kids must be at least 100 cm tall and be accompanied by an adult. 

However, certain persons might not fit in automobiles because of their body size and shape.

Zone– Far Far Away

Type– Kid-friendly ferris wheel

Enchanted Airways

Adults and kids will enjoy the exhilarating trip on this miniature roller coaster featuring Donkey’s love interest, the Dragon, over the land of Far, Far Away and even farther. 

Along the way in Shrek’s kingdom, other fairy tale characters gather to form a dazzling cast for this enchanting journey.

The Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, the Three Blind Mice, and Gingy are just a few of the characters you’ll see.

This thrilling ride at Universal Studios Singapore is 13 m in elevation, travels a 50 m track in about 60 seconds, and averages about 46 km/hr.

Zone– Far Far Away

Type– Junior roller coaster


What should I ride first at Universal Studios Singapore?

The Canopy Flyer located in The Lost World zone is a great choice to get things started.

It doesn’t have long queues and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

How many rides are there in Universal Studios?

There are 14 rides and 8 shows operating in Universal Studios Singapore as of writing.

These Singapore Universal Studios rides and shows are scattered across the six zones of the park.

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