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Universal Studios Singapore New Years Eve

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate New Year in Singapore, the Universal Studios Singapore New Year’s Eve celebration is a great option.

Whether you reside there or happen to be vacationing during the holiday season, the park offers ample entertainment during the celebration to be worth your while.

Get Universal Studios Singapore tickets to experience the joyful ambiance of the park during New Year’s Eve and the overall holiday season.

Celebration at the Park

Universal Studios Singapore New Year’s Eve celebrations are a recommended way to celebrate the departure of the old year and the welcoming of the new.

The park offers various forms of entertainment for visitors to enjoy.

The holiday season begins early at Universal Studios Singapore with the decorations and multiple themed attractions showing up in early December.

The popular Christmas celebration event, “Superstar Christmas” begins at the start of the last month of the year and carries on until the New Year and sometime beyond.

As for the New Year, the park organizes parties and guests can take pleasure in the rides, attractions, shows, games and food.

Like other Universal theme parks, Universal Singapore also features a countdown to the New Year. The park remains open for longer on New Year’s Eve.     

Many other activities take place such as concerts, live shows and other performances by artists.


Universal Studios Singapore generally holds a grand fireworks display to commemorate the arrival of the New Year.

People look to find the best spots in and around the park to take a look at the gorgeous patterns in the sky.

It is an exciting activity that takes place amidst the roar of a gleeful crowd.

The multiple colors, the unique patterns and the whole park decorated and lit up in festive flavor add to the spectacle of this activity.

Live Shows and Entertainment

The various cultural and talented performances are in full flow to celebrate the coming of New Year at the park.

The park organizes various concerts with big names performing their hits. 

There are various dance performances like ballet and cultural dance forms that give you a peek into the local culture.


The New Year at Universal Studios Singapore can also be celebrated by enjoying a luxurious stay at one of their resort hotels.

Deals offering handsome discounts are on the table during the Christmas and New Year seasons.

The hotels usually also hold their own New Year’s Eve events to mark the occasion where they offer exclusive menus, dinner, lunch or breakfast buffets and hold parties.

Celebrate New Year with the comfort and services of a hotel while being very close to the action at Universal Studios Singapore. 

Parties in the park

Staying on the topic of parties. Universal Studios Singapore throws many a bash inside the amusement park.

Some are adult-oriented parties while others can be attended along with the family. Help yourself with food, beverages and more at these parties.

Along with that, enjoy many party activities such as live DJs, song and dance, countdowns and more.

These parties may be paid or complimentary, it is advised to make reservations before going if possible as there is a lot of competition for getting in due to bigger crowds.

New Year’s Dinner 

The Universal Studios Singapore New Year’s Eve celebrations happen in a variety of ways.

A nice, warm, sophisticated dinner with a wide variety to choose from is an activity that many visitors indulge in no matter what way they like to celebrate.

Whether you’re a family looking for a tasty meal as the clock winds down, youngsters looking for flash and sizzle, couples looking for quality time or lavish spenders finding a grand feast, the restaurants at the park offer all of this.

Universal Studios Singapore features many dining establishments that boast a huge variety of delicious cuisine from around the world.

The atmosphere, the food and the anticipation are all enjoyable as visitors with different tastes in celebrating and food find a satisfying option as they await the New Year.

Find what you want and celebrate the New Year heartily by purchasing Universal Studios Singapore tickets and accessing the various activities.

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