Universal Studios Singapore Meet and Greet

Meeting and taking pictures with your favorite movie characters is one of Universal Studios Singapore‘s great attractions!

Gru and the Minions

This Universal Studios meet and greet is with the characters that have appeared in motion pictures. 

Visit Universal Studios Singapore to meet Gru and the Minions in person, as seen in Illumination. 

Find your favorite Minion and seize the chance for a unique photo. 

Get those postures down pat before the big day.

Zone – Hollywood

Note:- Universal Studios Singapore character meet and greet schedule changes frequently. You can find out about the various meet and greets easily once you arrive at the park.

Happily Ever After

Meet your favorite Shrek movie characters as you enter the enchanted realm of Far Far Away. 

The fairytale setting will enchant you, and you’ll have exciting photo opportunities with Princess Fiona and Shrek – in this fun Universal Studios Singapore meet and greet.

Zone- Far Far Away

Hatched! Featuring Dr. Rodney

Watch in person as a baby velociraptor hatches in Jurassic Park under the direct supervision of Dr. Rodney, a paleontologist. 

Watch as Dr. Rodney describes the steps in creating a baby dinosaur from 75 million years old DNA.

Even better, you get to give this newest member of the Jurassic Park family a name.

Zone- The Lost World


Come and meet Alex, King Julien, and Gloria, the Madagascar movie’s main characters. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a fun photo with one or all of your favorite characters in this Universal Studios Singapore meet and greet. 

With this meet and greet, Universal Studios Singapore gives you the opportunity to talk to them about their adventures in Madagascar.

Zone – Hollywood

Po and Master Tigress

Get ready for awesomeness in this character meet and greet at Universal Studios as you take pictures with the Kung Fu Panda cast that will knock your socks off.

Zone – Hollywood

Raptor Encounter with Blue

Visit the Raptor Encounter to see Blue from Jurassic World. 

This Universal Studios Singapore meet and greet provides a fantastic opportunity to observe her and discover fascinating details about Blue, her pack and other dinosaurs. 

And if you have the courage, get close enough to the smart carnivore to get a priceless photo.

Zone – The Lost World

Sesame Street

Meet Elmo and Oscar the Grouch, two of your favorite Sesame Street characters. 

They resemble family members in many ways, and you now have the opportunity to meet them in person and take pictures with them for your family album. 

These enormous, amiable, and vibrant beasts love the camera, and they’ll love including you in the shot.

Zone – New York

Transformers: Voices of Cybertron

If you dare, roll out and attend a Universal Studios Singapore meet and greet with Transformers: Voices of Cybertron.

Meet these amazing creations, from robots to people. 

This is your chance to challenge the imposing Megatron and approach Optimus Prime about joining his army. 

Be cautious as you wait for their instantaneous responses.

Zone – Sci-fi City.


Where can I meet characters at Universal Studios Singapore?

Most of the meet and greets happen outdoors in relevant zones.

For example, you can meet Blue the Velociraptor in the dinosaur-themed Lost World. Transformers can be met in the Sci-fi zone.

For the characters that don’t have a zone like Madagascar and Minions, you can meet them in Hollywood.

The information about all meet and greets is available on the official website or on-site once you reach the park.

Can you get autographs at Universal Studios?

It is possible to get autographs at Universal Studios.

Many Universal meet and greet characters sign on items if you ask them to.

Photographs with characters, however, are more in demand.

Can you see celebrities at Universal Studios?

There is a chance to see celebrities at Universal Studios.

They usually only meet fans when they’re there for promotional purposes.

Otherwise, they like to keep to themselves so that they can enjoy their private time.

What time is meet and greet at USS?

The Universal Studios Singapore meet and greet times change frequently.

It is recommended to check after arriving at the park. Visitors can ask the staff as well.

Meet and greet at Universal Studios happens at certain times throughout the operating hours of the park.

Featured Image: Rwsentosa.com

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