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Universal Studios Singapore Christmas

The Universal Studios Singapore Christmas is a part of the holiday celebration at the theme park, which includes various events and activities.

The Christmas and holiday season in Universal Singapore goes on from 2 December to January 1.

The park is embellished by festive decor as the holiday cheer spreads to the entire park.

Get Universal Studios Singapore tickets and find out all that unfolds in this celebratory month.

Holiday Season at Universal Studios Singapore

The season lasts almost the entirety of the last month and until New Year’s Day. This celebration is billed as “The Universal Christmas”.

In “The Universal Christmas”, the park offers various Christmas/holiday-related shows, events and attractions.

Various areas of the park are temporarily converted into Christmas-based attractions as guests enjoy the fun activities.

The food in the park has a Christmas theme as well. Delicious cuisines prepared with the holiday spirit come in so much variety as to cause you a good headache.


There are lots of things to do at Universal Studios Singapore Christmas 2023; the most notable ones have been listed here.

  • A Trolls-ific Christmas

    Gather around Dreamworks’ trolls Poppy and Branch as they decorate a Christmas Tree and put on a show.

    This is an entertaining attraction where the characters incorporate music and dance into their performance while decorating the tree.

    When they are finished, the tree adds to the beautiful decoration with which the park is dressed up and visitors get a chance for a meet-and-greet.
  • Santa’s North Pole Headquarters

    Discover the North Pole headquarters from where Santa dispenses candy and other presents and take a look at the various divisions working together to keep it running.
  • W.I.S.H.

    WISH stands for Worldwide Institute of Santa’s Helpers. See the institute where Santa’s helpers work tirelessly to help the bearded fella distribute joy and holiday cheer.
  • Mel’s Merry Mixtape

    Get a caroling experience as talented singers cover the most famous Christmas songs for the crowd to enjoy.

    This show is a crowd-puller that gets them energetic for Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore. 
  • Various Meet-and-Greets

    The meet-and-greets with a seasonal flavor are another highlight of Universal Studios Singapore Christmas.

    Meet all your favorite characters seen in your favorite movies and TV shows such as Shrek and Princess Fiona and Bumblebee from The Transformers.
  • Let it Snow!

    Let it Snow is a special attraction where you can click photos from Santa’s North Pole.

    The photos are enhanced in quality with the backdrop of a gentle snowfall and beautiful lighting for truly incredible snaps.
  • Santa’s Present Party

    This moving party sees Santa go from place to place to deliver gifts to those on the ‘good list’.

    As for who’s made the good list? That includes characters like Kevin, Stuart and Bob of The Minions. Po and Master Tigress from Kung Fu Panda and many more.

The time of the park for the duration of The Universal Christmas is listed from 10 am to 9 pm. 

This timing is expected to remain until 1 January 2024 but you should check the opening hours from the official website before visiting to be sure.

Other Christmas-related activities

Christmas celebration in Universal Studios Singapore features the events and shows mentioned in the Universal Christmas.

Along with that, it also features food, musical shows, sparkling decor and more. The entire event that celebrates Christmas in Resorts World Sentosa is called “Superstar Christmas”.

The aforementioned Universal Christmas is part of  “Superstar Christmas”. It begins on the first day of the last month of the year and carries until three days into the new year.

The other Christmas activities at Universal Singapore are:

  1. Christmas Tree of Wonders

    The Christmas Tree of Wonders is the primary eye-catcher at Resorts World Sentosa. Daily light shows and music presentations wow the crowd and make for a great photo and video-taking opportunity.
  2.  A Christmas Oddysea

    At the S.E.A. aquarium, view this admirable tale with the help of art as the marine creatures and the aquarium are reimagined keeping in line with the Universal Studios Singapore Christmas theme. 
  3. Concerts

    There are many hotly sought-after concerts that take place at Resorts World Orlando during “Superstar Christmas”.

    Some of the names in the lineup include Candlelight, DJs Wisteria, Nicole, Jasmine Red, Hello Kitty, Jessica Jung and BILLKIN.
  4. Minmed Cycle Pop-up

    This is a unique cardio session at the S.E.A. Aquarium where you exercise with music in the background.

However, music is not the only thing in the background.

Surrounding you are the aquatic animals of the aquarium as they swim around you. Work out and look at these impressive creatures of the sea at the same time.

Note: Wish to check out the celebration outside Universal Singapore as well? Get the S.E.A. Aquarium + Universal Studios Singapore combo ticket.

Experience the Superstar Christmas event at Resorts World Sentosa while enjoying the amusement park and the aquarium with hotel pick-up included.

Universal Studios Singapore on Christmas Day or month is a great place to holiday whether it be the shows and events related to Christmas or the delightful food. 

All the celebrations going on in Resorts World Sentosa make for a memorable and gratifying vacation.

Experience the Universal Studios Christmas Day in Singapore yourselves by getting the Universal Studios Singapore Christmas tickets.

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